We are the leading manufacturer of 3D metal printing in Taiwan

Our RD team focus on adjustable elastic modulus structure design which is applied in Ti6Al4V implants and hybrid  medical device.

We are certified QMS additive manufacturer in Taiwan.

-2016 March Located in Kaohsiung Science Park.
-At the beginning, medical metal implants were the core of development, and metal 3D printing was used as the process method.
-Since 2020 focus on resources and aim to upgrade to become a technology company with advanced biomedical structure design as its core competitiveness.

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TAINGRO Adjustable Elastic Structure


*TAINGRO provides active fusion area.
*Suitable elasticity modulus avoids stress shielding and bone resorption.
*Rough elevated surface provides high primary stability.
*Lateral wedge design for maximal contact of the uncovertebral joint.
*X-ray markers support ideal intraoperative implant positioning.


*Porosity promotes bone ingrowth.
*PEEK elastic modulus is lower than vertebra.
*Bonding area use unique structure which avoid peeling off.
*Elastic modulus of the two materials at the bonding area are similar
which eliminate the risk of material damage.


Customized Elastic Structure Design

We have an exclusive patent that can adjust the elastic modulus, can be customized, lightweight, and reliable.

3D Printing

We provide total solution for your printing, from the beginning of printing consultation to Post-processing.


We focus on adjustable elastic modulus structure R&D, all porous size and porosity can be customized.

JDM Cooperation

You can use our unique innovative patent, raise competitiveness and advantages for your products.